Claudia Hand Painted Yarns

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Peace, Love, Comfort & Joy are the words that run through my mind as I knit a scarf for my stepdaughter. Saying the words over and over again, they became a prayer. I wanted to impart these qualities into the garment itself and through the garment to the wearer. 

This is why I knit and dye yarns. It is an almost compulsive need to make physical my feelings so that I may share them. 

While I had begun dyeing yarn a couple of years earlier, the company was incorporated and formally set up in 2005, running out of the basement of my home. By 2007, we had acquired a small commercial space — and we are still there today: 40 West Washington St., Harrisonburg, VA. 

We dye by hand all of the yarns we sell. Be warned, they are dyed with Peace, Love, Comfort & Joy; may they be yours as well.

— Claudia McClean