Spinning into Fall at Urban Wolves!

Posted on 2 Oct 13:24

Fall is in the air and fiber artists are starting to think a bit more about their favorite warm and fuzzy hobby. If you like yarn then you should love spinning...after all, it's about making your own yarn, just the way you want it to be. Urban Wolves and Sari Peterson can help you get a start in this great hobby, or advance your knowledge if you're already an accomplished spinner, with our lineup of great classes coming as we head into fall.

Getting Started in Spinning 

Those new to the hobby should be interested in our beginning drop spindle and spinning wheel classes. Both are great ways to get started spinning and have their own unique features and techniques, along with many similarities. We have classes on both of these spinning methods in October and November:

Learning to Spin on a Spindle

6:30pm-8:30pm, Wednesday, November 11th; Fee: $40, Materials: provided. 

Learning to Spin on a Wheel

6:30pm-8:30pm, Wednesday, October 7th; Fee: $40, Materials: provided. 

Learning to Spin on a Wheel

6:30pm-8:30pm, Thursday, November 12th; Fee: $40, Materials: provided. 

Advancing Your Spinning Skills 

If you're already a spinner and looking for a new challenge, you should check out Sari's upcoming class on core spinning and plying - which are truly the workhorses of art yarns. Add embellishments or just play and discover all the things you can do with a 2-ply yarn. Bouclé, bobbles, nubs and slubs, or even good old thick-n-thin. When you work around a core, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Core Spinning and Plying

1pm-5pm, Sunday, October 11th; Fee: $70, Materials: $15.

Stay tuned for more spinning classes from Urban Wolves and Sari, including one on Spinning Tips and Tricks!

About Sari Peterson

A crocheter and knitter since childhood, it seems as though Sari has always had crafts and fiber in her life. Later, as a seamstress and costume designer, her love of textiles continued to grow. Learning to spin over 10 years ago was a natural extension of her love of craft and a desire to learn the beginnings of her fibers and fabrics. Once Sari sat down at a wheel there was no turning back. A couple of years ago she learned to weave in order to have a greater use for the miles of handspun yarn in her stash!

Credit: The core-spun photo shows yarn spun with DragynKnyts fiber.