Maximus and Macallan: Veni, vidi, venerandi!

Posted on 12 Apr 12:29

I butchered the Latin but hopefully it's in the ballpark. White Oak Alpacas was at Urban Wolves yesterday (Saturday, 4/11) and brought along two of their award-winning male alpacas to visit. Maximus and Macallan 11 were quite personable and drew attention from Urban Wolves customers as well as quite a few visitors from customers of neighboring stores...and, we think, inspired at least a couple of new fiber enthusiasts!

While Randy Finch wrangled the boys and told visitors about alpacas and their ranch, Karin showed off White Oak's wide variety of alpaca fiber and yarn, now carried by Urban Wolves. She also brought along her latest spring color "egg cartons", containing a dozen balls of dyed alpaca fiber (see right)...great for felting or spinning! 

If you missed the event be sure to stop by the store and take a look at the White Oak Alpacas' fiber and yarn now available.